The Ministry of Commerce, by the Department of Intellectual Property, held the First Thailand International Creative Economy Forum (TICEF 2010) during 28th - 30th November 2010. It was an international seminar with the main theme of “GlobaLOCALisation - Local Move, Global Success”. Its aim was to support and encourage every sector throughout Thailand to realize the importance of business entities’ and communities’ development by creative economy concept. This event was a success with 1,500 participants from 50 countries. The participants were from Thailand and foreign governmental and private sectors.
     As a further attempt from the success of TICEF 2010 and in accordance with the government’s policy that places importance on generating income under the creative economy concept, the Ministry of Commerce, by the Departure of Intellectual Property, as an agent of mission and important strategy in developing Intellectual Property management system by supporting creativity, will hold the Thailand International Creative Economy Forum (TICEF 2012) during 25th - 27th March 2012 at Centara Grand at Central World, Bangkok. This time the main theme is “Grand to Ground: Capturing Local Value, Creating Global Impact” to show the reinforcement of income generation policy using creative economy concept by adding value to local or communal values and identity with creativity and bringing them forward to international success sustainably. Approximate 1,000 participants of businessmen who specialize in creative industries, representatives from educational institutions, Thai and foreign concerned governmental and private sectors, and international organizations e.g. WIPO, UNESCO, UNCTAD will be invited to this event.
     Apart from creativity, the government acknowledges other factors that will bring Thai people’s creations to international acceptance. As a result, Thailand International Creative Economy Forum (TICEF 2012) this year focuses on development of the power of thought, together with reinforcement knowledge in various fields, strengthen all round potential so that Thai products step into the international market proudly. Hosting TICEF will provide an importance stage where Thailand can publicize the potential and readiness to host an international event, and also an importance step to build trust in Thailand, and restore image of Thailand for tourism.

     1 To broaden viewpoint of Thai people, especially to use the creative economy concept in adding value to their own and communal services and products in order to achieve the sustainable national economic growth.

     2 To bring the opportunity of learning and exchange of experience about creative economy for Thailand business entities from the international successful lecturers, and multi-national participants.

     3 To show the world the potential in creativity and potential to host an international event of Thailand, and to publicize Thailand’s readiness in various fields. This will restore image and Thailand tourism.

     4 To support and promote Thailand as the center of creative industries in Southeast Asia.

     5 To develop the power of thought and reinforce knowledge in other fields than creativity, enhancing all round potential in order to step into international market.