Fees-Design patent



Fee (per application) shall be paid according to following processes

1Design patent applicationPer application250 Baht
2More than 10 patent applications for the same product submitted in the same time. 2,250 Baht
3Change/correction of patent informationEach time50 Baht
4Publication 250 Baht
5Patent issuance 500 Baht
6Appeal against order or discretion of the Director-GeneralPer document500 Baht
7Examination for patent applicationPer application 50 Baht
8TranscriptionPer page3 Baht

Certification of document’s copy

More than 10 pages

Less than 10 pages


Per document

Per page


50 Baht

5 Baht


Other applications (as follows)

Request to use the submission date in a foreign country as the submission date in the Kingdom of Thailand

Request for patent substitute or substitute of permission for patent use

Request for substitute of the registration certificate as patent representative 


Per document50 Baht

Yearly royalty


Amount including the fine

(It shall be paid within 120 days

after the end of the 4th year)

1The 5th year500 Baht650 Baht
2The 6th year650 Baht845 Baht
3The 7th year950 Baht1,235 Baht
4The 8th year1,400 Baht1,820 Baht
5The 9th year2,000 Baht2,600 Baht
6The 10th year2,750 Baht3,575 Baht
7Or pay the total amounts upon the first yearly royalty payment7,500 Baht 


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